Banking sector: worse than it looks

In three to five years, the banking sector will be the state at 85%, experts predict. Competition among credit institutions dramatically declined, the toxic assets are growing, and after a year or two, the crisis could erupt bad debt. And new technology can finish the sector. Small and even medium-sized banks no funds to complete digitization of its services.

The private banking sector disappears, said Vasily Solodkov, Director of the Banking Institute of HSE in the course of the round table Continue reading “Banking sector: worse than it looks”

Long life: Russia lagged behind the West for 50 years

“Variation in life expectancy in the country has reached incredible figures: from 64 to 80 years,” said Friday the Chairman of the Russian government Olga Golodets at the meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of health.

According to her, the average life expectancy in Russia now stands at 72.7 per year. While there are regions overcome the threshold of 80 years (including Ingushetia, close to the figure approached Moscow), 10 regions were able to overcome the threshold of 75 years. Continue reading “Long life: Russia lagged behind the West for 50 years”

“Not to celebrate with the Jews”: how Passover became Easter

Every year the Jews celebrate Passover — the holiday that marks the chain of events in which the Jews left Egypt. In 2018 it is celebrated from the evening of 30 March to 7 April.

According to the Torah and the Bible, the family of Jacob-Israel, the ancestor of the Jews, because of the famine left the land of Canaan (now — the territory divided between Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan) and moved to Egypt. There the Israelites lived 430 years, and during that time their number has Continue reading ““Not to celebrate with the Jews”: how Passover became Easter”

Ukraine finally taken seriously for increasing their gas production

The authorities of Ukraine to simplify the procedure for obtaining licenses for drilling oil and gas wells, as well as the process of land allocation for the production of hydrocarbons. According to the report on the website of the Verkhovna Rada, the law was signed by President Petro Poroshenko.

As a result, the country will accelerate the process of obtaining land to conduct oil and hazerswoude, as well as for the construction of mining and transport infrastructure. This will allow oil and Continue reading “Ukraine finally taken seriously for increasing their gas production”

The creation of walkways can prevent childhood obesity

Scientists from the National research Institute in Montreal found that improvement of urban infrastructure for pedestrians can have a positive effect on waist size and body mass index (BMI) in children.

According to the study, living in a city is a risk factor for childhood obesity. The study found that the infrastructure designed to promote walking, can help reduce childhood obesity.

Pedestrian amenities such as lighted crosswalks, wider sidewalks and pedestrian signs to help people Continue reading “The creation of walkways can prevent childhood obesity”

Residents of Voskresensk blocked a Federal highway

In the suburbs there was a new “out anti-rubbish” protest.

Activists protesting against the construction of incinerators, blocked under the resurrection the Federal highway M5.

The action takes from 20 to 50 people, people follow each other” — write “Vedomosti”.

It is the next six months, the share of residents Voskresensky district against the construction of incinerators. They occasionally block the road to the construction site of the plant in the village of Vistarino not to Continue reading “Residents of Voskresensk blocked a Federal highway”

Moscow city hall has provided free medical treatment abroad

On the background of the controversial statement of the Vice-mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov about cancer treatment at a late stage by the patient, and not the budget, it became clear that the mayor’s office, this approach is not going to apply.

Should of purchasesposted on the website “public Procurement” in December of 2016. It appears the company “Management of experimental building of microdistricts” engaged in the construction of homes in the capital by order of the city authorities. The company belongs to the “Mosinzhproekt”, which is the structure of Department of construction of Moscow.

Under the contract LCA (supplementary medical insurance) employees will be paid tickets, surgery, chemotherapy, medications and more. Contract price – 4 million.

Although the money is not allocated directly from the budget, there is no significant difference, as the owner of the company – the city, said the Life Continue reading “Moscow city hall has provided free medical treatment abroad”

The game of trump with Russia in a “good and bad COP” seems untenable

It is possible that the familiar and convenient for the President to trump the game with Russia in the “good and bad COP” loses its meaning and is no longer effective.

On Friday morning, the Russian Ambassador threw down a challenge, saying in the broadcast of Today on NBC that the United States would have to decide what their attitude towards Russia. He even hinted at the possibility of a new cold war.

“It seems to me that the atmosphere in Washington is poisonous, it’s toxic Continue reading “The game of trump with Russia in a “good and bad COP” seems untenable”

Shock: compare spending on security forces on health care and education in 2018

In 2018, officials and security forces has allocated 5.5 times more than on health and education

It is no secret that the Russian government only words, doing everything to improve the system of education and medicine, however in the country these sectors are in a more than deplorable condition. But if you look at the expenditure for 2018, then it becomes clear that for the authorities is a priority.

Continue reading “Shock: compare spending on security forces on health care and education in 2018”

Children of Russian billionaires can be expelled from British universities

Among them, the son of a banker Oleg Tinkov Paul, the daughter of Roman Abramovich, Sophia, and Eugene Shuvalov – son of the incumbent Deputy Prime Minister

The news that Britain may start the exception from among the students of Cambridge and Oxford children of Russian oligarchs, is now being actively discussed by users of social networks. In particular, telegrams-channel “Rabbit meters” has published a very interesting post on a topic that soon the heirs of the domestic oligarchs Continue reading “Children of Russian billionaires can be expelled from British universities”