Deputies and senators were allowed to withdraw from the pension allowances

MOSCOW, 12 Nov — RIA Novosti. Vladimir Putin signed a law abolishing the additional pension preferences of deputies and senators.

The document provides the deputies of the state Duma or the Federation Council members the right to voluntarily waive monthly benefits, by submitting an application on behalf of the Minister of labour and social protection.

The state Duma voted for the measure on October 25, and November 7, it was approved by the Federation Council. The law shall enter Continue reading “Deputies and senators were allowed to withdraw from the pension allowances”

Trump in the conversation Putin and Merkel Macron showed the weakness of the US

Discussion of the INF Treaty and sanctions, which were attended by the heads of USA, Russia, France and Germany in Paris, took place mainly due to fears of Europe. So said Konstantin Blokhin from the center of security studies of RAS, shared his vision of the situation with the Federal business Agency “the Economy today”.

“We should not overestimate the significance of the talks, as the meeting did happen “on his feet” and did not expect the conclusion of any agreements — the leaders Continue reading “Trump in the conversation Putin and Merkel Macron showed the weakness of the US”

Donald trump Poroshenko sent an important signal

The President of the United States of America Donald trump did not shake hands with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko during the solemn event organized in Paris on the occasion of the centenary of the First world war. This fact, according to the Deputy head of the Institute of history and policy of the Moscow state pedagogical University, Vladimir Shapovalov, can be seen as a signal that was addressed to the Ukrainian elite.

Approaching the podium, where among other politicians Continue reading “Donald trump Poroshenko sent an important signal”

Tricky game Ukraine and Turkey

The basic meaning of international diplomatic relations is an attempt to create parties the most favorable conditions for cooperation. And the winner in such meetings, it is the one who managed to “knock out” from your opponent is the most convenient agreement. But this situation, probably far in the past. Now the representatives of States meet to nod in the affirmative to statements of their colleagues and make meaningless statements that do not contain any intellectual value.

At least, a Continue reading “Tricky game Ukraine and Turkey”

The autopsy iPad Pro 11″: the table is almost beyond repair

The specialists of iFixit has studied the anatomy of the latest iPad Pro with 11-inch display, which Apple announced about two weeks ago.

Recall that the computer is equipped with a Liquid Retina screen with a resolution of 2388 × 1668 pixels. In the rear of the case is a camera-based 12-megapixel sensor. In addition, there is a 7-megapixel camera TrueDepth.

The device is on Board, eight-core Apple A12X Bionic and coprocessor M12. The capacity of the flash drive can be 64 GB, 256 GB, Continue reading “The autopsy iPad Pro 11″: the table is almost beyond repair”

The place where free in prison Tsepovyaz grilled kebabs

One of the leaders of a gang “Tsapkov” Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for mass murder in the village Kushchevskaya Krasnodar region, on a completely illegal basis, invited the other prisoners to the colonial apiary, located on the prison grounds in the Amur region, where in the colony number 3 is serving a sentence Tsepovyaz. About this by results of public Prosecutor Continue reading “The place where free in prison Tsepovyaz grilled kebabs”

A breakthrough in the Paris Bois de Boulogne

Resounding success of Petro Poroshenko in Paris! Hours-long meeting with Donald trump! Public humiliation of Vladimir Putin to the world leaders! The whole world is with us in non-recognition by the Kremlin rigged elections in ORDA!

Klimkin saw the Pompeo! These and other news in our nepolzhivye media will not disassemble. We understand that the success of Ukraine’s transformation into a leading superpower causes impotent rage of the invaders. And the way it is.

Powerful started the Continue reading “A breakthrough in the Paris Bois de Boulogne”

The results of the elections in DND and LNR showed strange statistics

Pushilin and the beekeeper became the heads of the breakaway republics in the absence of serious competitors

The winner on elections of heads self-proclaimed DND and LNR expected steel Denis Pushilin, Leonid and Pasechnik. In the absence of serious competitors, they were able to enlist the support of 60.8 and 68,3%, respectively. According to official data, the DPR voted for 80.1% of voters (1.6 million people), and LC — 77% (no exact number). Observers from 22 countries called the Continue reading “The results of the elections in DND and LNR showed strange statistics”

“Russian Falcon 9” has become more expensive than the us

The total budget of the Russian-Kazakh Baiterek complex, which involves the launch of the medium-carriers “Soyuz-5”, is 14.4 billion dollars, said in a video on the project. Video published on Twitter , the General Director of Roscosmos , Dmitry Rogozin.


“The life cycle of the complex is 40 years, during which will be carried out 240 launchers missiles with a total budget of 14.4 billion dollars”, — is spoken in the video.

Thus, according to Rogozin, one start the “Soyuz-5” with the left Bank will cost $ 60 million, that is, the operation of the complex will allow the enterprises of Russia and Kazakhstan “annually to develop a $ 360 million with six launches a year.” Flight tests of the missiles with the Baiterek to begin with 2022. In 2023, the media must go with the ship “Federation”. Start “Soyuz-5” with Oriental will take place no earlier than 2028.

In June Rogozin called the “Soyuz-5” to do “simple as a Kalashnikov”, and in particular to set up under a methane engine (later, the developers returned Continue reading ““Russian Falcon 9” has become more expensive than the us”

Poroshenko called Ukraine “one of the poorest countries of Europe”

The Ukrainian President is a millionaire (of course, the dollar, and not UAH), Petro Poroshenko admitted that the pace of economic growth in the “square” is “insufficient to restore the level of welfare of the population”.

This he argued at the meeting of the regional development Council in Kiev.

“Although we have restored economic growth, but the pace it is now is insufficient, so that people felt in all regions and social strata, that we ceased to be one of the poorest countries in Continue reading “Poroshenko called Ukraine “one of the poorest countries of Europe””