Russia is working on a OS for domestic processors

To ensure the security of the state-owned enterprises and other firms of the Russian Federation, which requires a good degree of data protection, you must use domestic components in order to avoid information leaks. But for the operation of any hardware required and software that will effectively manage system resources and recently Russian specialists started the creation of a domestic operating system for processors “Elbrus” and “Baikal”.

To begin with we recall that we are talking about the processors Baikal-T1 and Elbrus-8S. First developed by Baikal Electronics and belongs to the family of 32-bit systems using processor cores P5600 architecture MIPS32 Release 5 from the company Imagination Technologies. It is well suited for use in different network devices, microelectronics and so on. Elbrus — this is a more powerful processor with 8 cores, designed to solve complex problems and to create multiprocessor systems.

Software for domestic processors will be created in the framework of the “Digital economy”, which includes the development of universal software for domestic components. At the moment the project of the Russian operating system is in the design stage. However, it is known that the project provides the opportunity to work how to run standard applications and for work with huge data arrays. It is also claimed that the development will be made from scratch, not by using Linux kernel, as it was practiced previously. In addition, there is information that the distribution will be limited to only a segment of the state enterprises.

Russia is working on a OS for domestic processors
Vladimir Kuznetsov