“We will shoot you for Donbass!” — Zhirinovsky drove Ukrainian political scientist with a talk show

Live Russian TV LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky in his trademark style put in place by the Ukrainian political scientist, Chairman of public organization “European movement Ukraine” Vadym Triukhan, who began to argue that Moscow is afraid of Kiev because of the support of the United States.

The incident occurred in a live political talk-show “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1” devoted to the situation in Ukraine.

After Russophobic statements of Triukhan Zhirinovsky called him “scum” and promised “to destroy”.

“We will shoot you, scoundrels and rascals. You are scum, thugs, already 10 thousand (people in the Donbass – approx. RV) destroyed! For each answer! Get out of here!” — shouted Zhirinovsky, coming to the Ukrainian “expert.”

Triukhan obviously vanished, retreated a few steps back, and later still left the Studio, unable to fend off new allegations of the leader of LDPR.



Source: svegienovosti.ru




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