Sony patented a new controller for virtual reality

If you are the proud owner of headset virtual reality PlayStation VR you have probably had experience with unusual controllers PlayStation Move. It is foolish to deny the fact that since the PlayStation 3 they are obsolete and hardly suited for most modern video games. The lack of analog sticks to move the character, the low accuracy of the tracking of movements in space — all of that leaves the players an unpleasant aftertaste. And Sony is well aware of, as among the new patents of the company not so long ago was discovered the concept of a completely new VR controller.

Of course, not the fact that the motion controller will look exactly as the images in the patent, but from the document it is possible to make many interesting conclusions. First, the controller will lose the glowing rubber ball, through which the PlayStation Camera track your position in space. How exactly his position will be calculated now — not yet entirely clear. The controller will get (finally!) the analog stick for precise movement of the character in the virtual world. Around the handle a few buttons.

In addition, inside the handle of the controller hidden mechanism that is capable of tracking the position of the fingers of the player and (!!!) to change the shape of the handle, increasing or decreasing its radius in a few places. Apparently, as Sony tries to strengthen the presence effect when the player will pick up virtual objects. In addition, the new controller is equipped with a microphone and built-in speaker. The speaker in this case will allow you to hear, for example, by the firing of virtual weapons as if you were holding in your hand. It’s not clear, do generally this controller is on sale or will remain just a concept. But it would be nice to see it included with the second version of the helmet PlayStation VR.

Sony patented a new controller for virtual reality
Sergey Grey