“American century” died. He was killed by Putin

Signature style American journalism is rampant, smiling in all 32 teeth, arrogant optimism, mixed with concrete belief in their own exceptionalism. Especially brightly it was manifested in the period of the “end of history” when, having read Fukuyama, journalists and expert community after the senators and congressmen fanatically believe in the fact that no story will be no more, and will be one long “American century”, i.e. an infinite period of total ideological, cultural, military and economic dominance of the United States.

And in 2018, the flagship media of American business, business information Agency Bloomberg has to admit that the “American century completed”, and this period of total dominance of Washington over the world not just ended. It turns out that the “American century” died, and it was a violent death. According to Bloomberg, the place of “crime” is already clearly defined — it’s Syria and its author — the President of the Russian Federation, the country that by historical standards recently lost the cold war.

Even such negative findings do not usually break the total all-conquering spirit of American optimism. In the end, all election campaign Donald trump was built on the message of “let’s Make America great again,” which implied not only the presence of serious problems and the corresponding solutions. One of them was to be the “great trade war,” trump is ready to start from day to day to revitalize the manufacturing sector of the country. However, the protectionism and the optimism of the President is faced with the harsh reality of post-industrial America. For example, as sadly notes the same Bloomberg, “rates trump is a gift to Russia and OPEC, and not for the American shale“.


After this header may suspect that the seemingly serious publication is promoting another conspiracy theory that the US President is an agent of Putin. In practice, all the more prosaic and sad. It turns out that American metallurgy degraded to such a state where it can no longer produce pipes of ultra-high quality necessary for production of shale oil. And this leads to a paradoxical situation: if restrictive tariffs on foreign pipes will be introduced, the only economic effect would be the decrease in the competitiveness of the us shale companies, and if — for any reason — the import high quality tubes in the US at all stop, in full growth will be a question that the new shale deposits could not be adequately maintained.

As protectionist ambitious plans trump will be expanded, and for this purpose there are all preconditions, his administration will again and again be faced with systemic problems and serious structural limitations, many of which are simply impossible to solve with the help of “pouring money” because they are in management, corruption, or even the cultural plane.


Syria is considered the place of death of the “American century” precisely because in the context of the Syrian conflict to the world at large it became clear that the United States can no longer solve the problem of civilization the highest category of complexity, which require a high level of concentration and quality of military, diplomatic, and managerial resources. And Russia can.

Against this background, quite funny to observe how the Russian “sect of admirers of the West” is trying to convince the Russian audience of the futility of competition with the United States, appealing to the difference between the military budgets of our countries.

It is significant that outsiders make the difference between the budgets of quite a different conclusion, which is that Russia (and to some extent China) are spending their funds effectively, and the Americans and their allies — no. If it’s really hard to exaggerate, we can offer the following comparison: the us military budget is money spent on production trains, and the Russian military budget is money spent on development and the creation of a guerrilla explosive device, which let the train derailed. However, if it was only in the effectiveness of various military budgeting, it would be premature to say that “the American century is dead.” The problem is much deeper and more connected not only with economy, but with certain cultural peculiarities of the modern United States. For example, when trump in keeping with political correctness and gender equality the U.S. marine corps (that is the part of the army, which is supposed to increased combat capability) abandoned the use of the hard tests of physical endurance for selection in their units. In Russia or China, it is impossible to imagine the logic in the style of “let’s get away from physical tests in order to see more women received maroon berets and political activists ceased to criticise us in the media.” In more conservative cultures believe that respect for women is manifested the utmost seriousness in the selection process and prepare those men who will protect them. In the US political correctness and ill-understood equality already penetrates even into areas of life where before only it was all about efficiency. Civilization, in which the security and use of force is in the area of responsibility of a professional “raspilschikov” on the one hand and ideologically charged activists on the other, are unlikely to qualify for preservation of the global hegemony, and especially in total dominance for over a century.

In response to the opinion of American journalists that he is “good at playing weak cards”, Vladimir Putin has reasonably noticed: “If we are strong weak cards, it means that they do not know how to play. So they’re not that strong. So something is missing”. The clash in Syria in this sense the key point. If you compare the situation so beloved by the Americans in a game of poker, Putin made Obama first, and then trump to open his cards and then it turned out that the dominance of the US is bluffing. If Washington lost the ability to unilaterally determine the fate of Nations in key regions of the planet, so the king was naked. No wonder the author of the article about the death of the “American century” expects that soon China will follow the example of Russia and will demonstrate States their power in the conflict over disputed Islands in the South China sea.


Frustrated with this development, the American politicians dream of a global war. In their view, only this will allow you to “flip the table” and to leave from defeat. However, after Putin showed some “products” of the Russian defense industry, able to nullify any hopes the other side to survival in the global war, the option of “turning table” can’t feel someone attractive. The party will have to play to the end, and the result is unlikely to please Washington.


Источник: Newsland.com