Europe puts the final collapse of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko threatened the Russian Federation the collapse of the economic confrontation between the Russian “Gazprom” and Ukrainian “Naftogaz”. It was pointed out that the “third gas war” will be unprofitable and will cause definite damage to both sides of the conflict. But who is more likely to go to the margins of history – Russia or Ukraine?

After the military defeat, economic collapse – the second reason for the collapse of the state. After the rupture of relations with Russia, Ukraine has faced such problems as the loss of the Russian market for its products, the gap of the chains, the outflow of the working population of the country, and many others.

Choosing the policy of blackmail, abusing its position as transit country, Ukraine received the severance of all gas agreements with Gazprom. It is noteworthy, as neighbors from Europe, who wanted to make friends Ukraine, framed on her shoulder in a difficult minute. European “friends” from Poland and Slovakia flog on the reverse of the Square is now blue fuel is 4 times more expensive than it bought from the Russian side.

Activists of the Maidan attracted Ukrainians joining the European Union and the unprecedented benefits that it will bring the residents of the Square. The possibility of obtaining a visa for working in Europe clouded the mind of many citizens of Ukraine. And now, after several years of bloody civil war caused by the “European choice” of Kiev, Ukraine received a “bezviz”. What actually is gave her.

Many Ukrainian employers are faced with the problem of mass labor migration from the Square, due to the adoption of a visa-free regime. “Bezviz” was a ticking time bomb under the economy of Ukraine, according to now, the representatives of Ukrainian business, which is faced with the resulting shortage of professional staff. In the realities of the modern Square have to migrate the best professionals, engineers and builders.

It is easy to see that the greatest benefit of the problems of Ukraine recovered its neighbors – Poland and Slovakia. Only officially in Poland was millions of Ukrainian citizens. Unofficially there may work about half a million workers from the Square. The poles first Europeans began to lure highly qualified specialists from Ukraine by results of short-term employment visas for up to 90 days. Ukrainian employers are unable to compete with the Polish, as in Poland, the average salaries for professionals average three times higher than in Ukraine. Forward-looking poles opened about 300 clubs learn the Polish language for Ukrainians cooperate with Ukrainian universities, enticing students special programs.

As a result, not “evrointegrirovannyh” Ukraine and Poland demonstrates economic growth. Trying to keep up with her, and Slovakia. Bratislava declares that is always happy Ukrainians, and promises decent pay for qualified. Called European “bezveza” the outflow of labor will lead to problems in the Ukrainian social sphere. Not from what will form the social insurance Fund, and therefore there is nothing to pay public sector wages and pensions. This can lead to a social explosion and have disastrous consequences for Ukrainian statehood.

The naked eye can see the preparation of Poland to the presentation of territorial claims in the Square. In his “antibanderovskie law” the Polish government called the territory of Galicia and Volhynia Eastern “Malopolska”. This law has caused a real hysteria in the Ukrainian elite. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Rozenko compared the term “Malopolska” with the statement that “Crimea was and will be Russian”. Poles formed and are actively increasing the so-called “territorial defense Troops” that can be used for the occupation of Western Ukraine.

Against this background, the statements of the Ukrainian President that Russia will collapse because of the economic problems of Ukraine cause a reasonable doubt.