The Pentagon: we Have no answer for new Russian weapons

Russia is a peaceful country. And in his quest for world she’ll destroy anyone who wants war.

Now our country has: the global-range missile with a nuclear power system capable of highly efficient manoeuvring and dodging missiles, is planning winged block “Avangard” and the aviation missile complex “Dagger” that can exceed the sound speed in the dense layers of the atmosphere, there are military lasers, and finally, there is an Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat” with a lot of multiple warheads.


All this super-modern weapons – the response of the Russian Federation on a unilateral aggressive actions of the United States of America. Washington inexorably seeks to create a situation in which he can with impunity inflict an irresistible blow to his opponent, and our country will not be able to answer. The development of modern weapons began in Russia immediately after it became clear that the peace of the state is not expected.

The task of “Putin’s missile” is to devalue missile umbrella, decades to build the United States on its territory and vassal countries – Romania and Poland. Russian “Sarmat” can do it. Production facilities for the serial production of these deadly missiles are being built at the Krasnoyarsk machine-building plant. All processes in manufacturing plants, monitored in real time at the National defence control centre. Sterile and cold metal make it clear that it produces weapons of mass destruction.

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu ensures that the state defense order will be fulfilled in time. The Russian Minister said:

Supreme Commander highly appreciated the work on strengthening the Armed Forces, improve the country’s defense. He stressed that today Russia has a modern, compact and high-tech army

Western “partners” could not respond in his trademark style. The US state Department and Europe vying to become state about alleged violations of international law. The entire groundlessness of the insinuations of the German “partners” said Maria Zakharova, a spokesman of the Russian foreign Ministry, when on behalf of the Ministry demanded proof of serious charges from Germany:
Would like to contact our German colleagues with an urgent request to clarify on what specific violation of international treaties and agreements in the field of arms control with Russia is it? What do you mean?

The lair of the us military, the Pentagon nervously States that lag the U.S. in developing missile technology can completely undermine the defense capability of the United States. To buy time for a new arms race, the United States threatened to encircle Russia with a ring of 400 missiles. Washington clearly wants to get in the way of Russia to world peace.