Why Grudinina not removed from the election?

The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation took an unexpected legal point of view, the decision not to withdraw the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina from the presidential race. This was done with the curious wording that the Commission focuses on the application of the candidate from the Communist party of the Russian Federation that accounts in foreign banks had not.

That is, calling a spade a spade, Grudinina made before the elections, but left under suspicion. The representatives of the Central election Commission announced voters information about the availability of accounts Grudinina in Switzerland, but the Commission itself declined to appeal to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.

Develops an ambiguous situation. If a candidate for the high office of the Russian President was indeed convicted of fraud, he should be withdrawn from the election. And if it thinks a decision is unfair, you may appeal to the court. However, the political situation today is such that if Grudinin, coming from the Communist party and the Union of leftist forces, was lifted, the real turnout in the elections on 18 March 2018 fell sharply. Thus, the withdrawal from the race left candidate would reduce the overall legitimacy of the elections, giving rise to numerous speculations.

It turns out, for reasons of political expediency, Grudinina elections left, but brushed parading soot, or anything else. However, in the case of a hypothetical victory of Pavel Grudinina spiteful critics again might be raised about the fraud at the stage of a presidential campaign that could serve as a basis for making various arbitrary decisions not in favor of the candidate from the Communist party. Thus, the Central electoral Commission has laid a kind of “insurance” from the left of the candidate.

Источник: Newsland.com