The foreign Ministry has asked the question about the true purpose of the US presence in Afghanistan

The countries-neighbours of Afghanistan and Russia have any questions for US about the true purpose and duration of their military presence in the country, said the special representative of the President of Russia, Director of second Asia Department of the foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov.

Kabulov said that Washington still did not understand that “there is no purely military solution to the Afghan conflict, and to defeat the Taliban by force will fail”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“The use by the Americans of military approaches to conflict resolution in the past 17 years has exacerbated the situation in the IRA. The new strategy for Afghanistan, the priority is given to force pressure on the armed opposition, which fact demonstrates the continuation of the policy of the previous administration, which led to the escalation of the armed conflict,” said Kabulov.

Because Russia and some neighboring countries of Afghanistan “there are questions about the timing, parameters and the true purpose of the further stay of military in USA IRA”, and “the lack of transparency and the interests of neighboring States is a cause of serious dissatisfaction and lead to loss of confidence in the actions of this country in the region.”

Kabulov said that Russia does not share the new US approach “with the marginalization of individual countries in the context of the stabilization effort in Afghanistan” and stands for “equal cooperation of all international partners involved in the Afghan settlement.”

We will remind, in February, the U.S. said that after defeating ISIS, American troops are plannedto transfer from Iraq to Afghanistan. The head of the General staff of Iran Mohammad Baqeri tiedthe increase in terrorist activity in Afghanistan with the transfer of Washington’s fighters, including ISIS, in this country.

On Tuesday, March 13, it became known that the Pentagon chief James Mattis visited the capital of Afghanistan with an unannounced visit.