The developer CWA “Newbie” since 1996, lives in the USA…

Emigrated to the United States chemist Vil Mirzayanov said that the poisoning Skripal could be involved in “just Russia”. He is one of the developers of the substance “Beginner”, which, according to London, were used for poisoning

One of the alleged developers of nerve chemical warfare agents (CWA) with Beginner Vil Mirzayanov said that only Russia could be related to the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, reports The Daily Telegraph. Previously, the use of this drug against the former intelligence officer said the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

Vil Mirzayanov in the Soviet Union participated in the program for the development of new types of chemical weapons, and in 1996 emigrated to the United States. According to Mirzayanov, the nerve drug a “Newbie” to be “ten times more effective than any other nerve agents”, and its effects are incurable. “This man [Skripal] and his daughter almost died. Even if they survived, they will not be able to recover,” he said.

Assessment Mirzoyanova, even a few grams of this drug may represent a mortal danger to large numbers of people. “In the summer, just two grams is enough to kill 500 people”, — said the chemist. Mirzayanov fears of the possible impact of a “Newbie” to the inhabitants of Salisbury, if he really was applied.

Mirzayanov said that he was confident that only Russia could be involved in the use of such nerve CWA: “Only Russia could do it… They can send it anywhere in diplomatic Luggage.” The chemist said that the formula of the substance is still classified. In the UK it could bring in several harmless components mix on the spot and apply as directed.

In comments to the Daily Mail Mirzayanov described how the “Newbie”. “It paralyzes man, it makes you convulse, you are unable to breathe and die if you got a sufficient dose. This is a real torture”, — quotes the edition.

The fact that the chemical weapon called Novichok (Novichok) was applied in the UK against ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter, on the eve taviloglu of the British government, Theresa may. She stressed that this could mean either that Skripal was assassinated by Russia, or Russia made the theft of the nerve toxin from their laboratories.

After the speech, Mei the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called it “circus show”. The Federation Council member Igor Morozov said that all stocks of this substance eliminated in Russia in accordance with international agreements.

Vil Mirzayanov in 1992 revealed details of his work in the Soviet program to build new types of chemical weapons in the article “the Poisoned policy”. After this he was accused of revealing state secrets and arrested. In 1994 the criminal case against Mirzayanov was closed in connection with absence of structure of a crime. In 1996, the chemist, emigrated to the United States, and then repeatedly criticised the Russian authorities.