Merkel for the fourth time became Chancellor of Germany

The Bundestag is the fourth time in a row elected Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany. The majority of Bundestag members supported it, so the vote was technical.

“Angela Merkel got the necessary majority, she was elected Chancellor,” said the head of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schaeuble.

The results of the secret ballot were met by deputies long and prolonged applause. The honorary podium in the Bundestag are her husband Joachim Sauer and 89-year-old mother Merkel Herlind Kasner.

Candidate Merkel has nominated the President of the country Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Last autumn German elections to the Bundestag, after which negotiations began on forming a coalition. On Monday, the Christian democratic Union (CDU) led by Merkel, the Christian social Union (CSU), led by Horst Seehofer and Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) and its leader Olaf Holzem — signed in the Berlin coalition agreement that determines the political course of the future government (the so-called “Grand coalition”) for the next four years.

The post of Chancellor

The Chancellor is the head of government of Germany. He appoints the Federal Ministers and determines the political course of the country. The Chancellor is elected by the Bundestag for four years and may be removed from office prematurely only via the mechanism of a constructive vote of no confidence.

The candidature of the Chancellor put forward for consideration by the Bundestag President. Then the head of state is appointed by the Chancellor and — in his view — the Federal Ministers.