It Skripal-crisis

– The murder of a former member of the Russian Skripal in London with nerve poison “Newcomer” (similar to what was poisoned businessman Ivan Kivelidi in 1995), the least profitable Putintsev. It is meaningless for them: Skripal was quietly removed before 2010.
There is a clear intervention of a third (apparently a private from the Russian Federation) forces. To spark Western sanctions against the Kremlin. A “Newbie” – obviously from the stock of the 90s, when Russia sold everything. That is, the conclusion is clear – against Putin wielding some group of raseyskoy magnates.

– West sharilsya, but went only to limited sanctions (the threat to take away assets in England and to remove the securities of Russian companies from the London stock exchange). That is, the strikes are planned strong, but not deadly.

Main attack – in the form of publication of the corrupt practices of the elite of the Russian Federation, its offshore schemes, in a demonstration confiscation of assets close to Putin figures the West has not done.

However, neither Britain nor the USA are not afraid “of cartoons about the wunderwaffe” shows Putin in the Arena. They are still ready to impose new sanctions, to strike at Assad’s troops, and in Washington, Secretary of state, becomes vehemently hostile to Moscow, Mr. Pompeo. The special representative of Washington over Ukraine, Walker proposes to introduce international sanctions for the visit to Crimea.

– That is, the West takes Putin’s role a “paper tiger” (even rattles the saber and helps to rally the West around the United States, at the same time justifying the higher costs of the Pentagon). Really no hot war between Russia and the West will not be neither the one nor the other side will not attack each other.

– Opposition tolerated in purely economic sphere, the game is the economic exhaustion of the Russian Federation (less than 2% of the global economy against 20% in the USA). The US military budget is about 700 billion – 2.5 times more than the ENTIRE Federal budget of the Russian Federation. So, they say, show me your cartoons, Putin, show…

The growth of the Russian economy – okolonulya, the actual production is only slightly greater than in 2008, the Whole world ahead of Russia. Its economy is becoming more raw.

They lead to the establishment in Russia of a Congolese Haitian dictatorship (and not Stalin-2), which finally proforum country and kill its economy. These are progressively tightened Moscow in the Syrian swamp, forcing it to burn tools and creating the threat of war in the Donbass.