The family of a Kingston SSD A400 with a new model for 960 GB

Series SSD Kingston A400 is very popular among those wishing to purchase a SSD with a limited budget. Until recently, part of a family of A400 proposed three models form factor 2.5-inch/7mm — capacities: 120 GB (SA400S37/120G), 240 GB (SA400S37/240G) and 480 GB (SA400S37/480G). A year after their appearance on the market of the U.S. the manufacturer has decided to extend the range, firing A400 volume SSD 960 GB (SA400S37/960G). This event was not awarded a separate announcement, because today Kingston prefers to focus public attention on the new series of products, in particular, high-speed M. 2 SSD with PCI Express interface.

Opportunities Kingston A400 fairly well known. These drives are characterized by relatively modest for SATA SSD performance and small the claimed resource. On the other hand, the cost of the A400 is very democratic, and the underlying set of components allows to hope for a multiple excess of the passport service life (resource exhaustion). Note that in the endurance test 3DNews 240 GB SSD A400 withstood the record 90 terabytes of data (and continues to work) at the declared resource of 80 TB.

Kingston stress that the 960-GB model A400 is designed to record at least 300 terabytes of data over a three-year warranty period. In the specification 480-GB drive specified resource in the 160 TB. According to the results of internal testing utility ATTO Disk Benchmark, speed serial read and write to both SSDS are 500 and 450 MB/s, respectively.

“Filling” Kingston A400-made for 15-nm flash memory 3D TLC NAND Toshiba first-generation and dual-channel UN-buffered controller Phison PS3111-S11 (abbreviated S11). The connection interface is SATA 6 GB/s.

In stores in Western Europe sales A400 960GB has already begun: in the drive, asking for €255, which is quite a lot compared to minimal cost 480 GB version (from €115). In parallel, Kingston is preparing to release at a retail M. 2 SSD A1000 with a significantly higher level of performance.