Orthodox activists opposed the funeral Tabakov, threatening priests with trial

Orthodox activists intend to achieve cancellation of the funeral of actor Oleg Tabakov, deceased March 12 after a long illness. This writes the “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” , citing the statement of representatives of public Orthodox movement (BELOW) “God’s will”.

They called the late actor “blasphemer” and intend to obtain from representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church to do for him after the ceremony. However, in the deanery of the ROC, the message is not yet received, the newspaper said.

The intention of the activists reported earlier, the leader of the movement, a former ally Dmitry Larionova (Enteo) Mila Odegova (a pseudonym Ludmila Esipenko). On the day of death Tabakov, March 12, she made a note on his page in Facebook: “Today died a blasphemer Oleg Tabakov. Died, unfortunately, without repentance. UNDER “God’s will” tomorrow I’ll take the statement of his Eminence Arsenius, Metropolitan of Istra, the Governor of the Central Vicariate of Moscow, with a request potpisani blasphemer Tabakov. In that case, if the blasphemer Tabakov someone dares funeral service, we will submit that priest in the ecclesiastical court to impose on him canonical sanctions”.

The reasons for neupane actor and Director Odegova gave a number of performances put on the stage of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, who led the tobacco. We are talking about the plays “an Ideal husband” and “the brothers Karamazov”, which is directed by Konstantin Bogomolov.

The play “an Ideal husband” members of the movement “God’s will” visited in 2013, “and was personally convinced the blasphemous nature of the performance.” In particular, according to Delovoi, it “was Julias the priesthood,” the sacraments of confession and Holy communion, and the crucifixion.

Odegova said that this show is on the stage of the Moscow art theatre for more than five years. “Not knowing what’s on stage directing Tabakov theatre is a disgrace, he couldn’t,” she writes. Also, according to her, Tabakov said that he “remove quite a popular play “an Ideal husband” coming to the theater two or three times a month, not going”.

Источник: Newsland.com