Video of the day: inspiring clip of the launch of the Falcon Heavy from the authors of “World Wild West”

During a speech at the SXSW conference 2018 the sponsors of the HBO series “Westworld” Jonathan Nolan (Jonathan Nolan) and Lisa joy (Lisa Joy) invited his friend Elon musk (Elon Musk) of SpaceX and Tesla that he could say a few words. This is quite unexpected, given the fact that Mr. Musk has little to do with the movie. But Jonathan Nolan said that he wanted to share a positive and optimistic, and showed a promotional trailer based on the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy, in which creation participated.

The video, despite the short duration, provides a good overview of a large-scale event to launch the Falcon Heavy, which included sending personal electric car Elon musk Tesla Roadster in the direction of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The video includes footage of the preparation and actual startup, as well as new footage not previously shown to the public: for example, upon loss booster. Of course, the visuals cut into the single Starman David Bowie (David Bowie).

Mr. Nolan explained that when creating the video the author wanted to convey the feeling of admiration and inspiration space exploration, which he experienced as a child. He also said that followed the process of launching the Falcon Heavy along with Elon Musk in the control center and I was in awe of the achievements that were made possible by the contribution of many people.

The Creator of “World Wild West” explained that the video is not a trailer for any of the upcoming documentary film or TV show, but expressed the hope that this is a promotional video of a new Chapter in human history. Really stable and tsvetokorrektsiya video doesn’t become the norm in the future?

Elon Musk posted a video in two parts in his Instagram and said: “Life should not be a simple series of decisions one trouble after another. Should be things that inspire you, that will make happy to Wake up in the morning.”