CIT announced the death in Syria of 22-year-old artillery of the Orenburg region

A group of independent investigators Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) found that in Sol-Iletsk Orenburg region with military honors was buried artillery Vladimir Ponomarev, who was killed during fighting in Syria. The Ministry of defence information about his death is not confirmed.

As it became known, the funeral ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 14. The day before, local media reported the death in Syria a 22-year resident of Sol-Iletsk Ponomarev.

At the same time correspondents Orenday and RIA “orenburzh’e” covered the funeral. In addition to the ones Ponomarev, his memory was honored by an official delegation headed by Vice-Governor of the Orenburg region.

According to local trainer in unarmed combat, which dealt with Ponomariov, a young man was seriously wounded in Syria during attack at the conclusion of civilians died in the Moscow hospital, and two of his colleagues died on the spot.

According to media reports, Ponomarev served in the Russian army under the contract.

Earlier this week the specialists of CIT said that in the village of Pine near Yekaterinburg were buried 34-year-old local resident Ruslan Gavrilov. He, according to media reports, in the composition of the PMC Wagner fought in Syria and died in early February after the US air strike by government forces of President Bashar al-Assad, among whom were the Russians.

February 15, foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said that the airstrike of the American coalition group of soldiers crossed the line of demarcation on the Euphrates river in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, killed five Russians.

Note that the list of names of dead Russian mercenaries, composed by a group of independent investigators Conflict Intelligence Team currently includes eight people. First, it became known that under the fire of the coalition on 7 February killed Aleksey Ladygin from Ryazan Stanislav Matveyev and Igor Asaturov of Asbestos, Vladimir Loginov from Kaliningrad, as well as natsbol Kiril Ananiev.

Then CIT has published the names of three more dead soldiers PMC Wagner. Is Alexei Shikhov from Nizhny Novgorod, Ruslan Gavrilov and Vladimir Callsign Apostle, his name was not specified. The specialists underlined that check information about several of the victims, this information will be published later.