Lyft has hired former top-Manager of Apple and Tesla

The company Lyft, owner of the hire vehicle, hired Liam O’connor (Liam O’connor), who, apparently, will help her build a professional portfolio of electric bikes and scooters.

O’connor previously worked at Apple and Tesla, where he was responsible for creating and managing supply chains. He left Tesla about six weeks ago, although it was unclear why he left and where going next.

That O’connor now works at Lyft, has become known from the publication of the Information resource. Apparently, here, too, he will deal with supply management, while the company is actively working on the development of a network of rental electric scooters and bicycles. However, the sources of The Information claim that O’connor has headed the unit for bikes and scooters.

Lyft declined to comment about the hiring of O’connor, although he is reported to have a few weeks is part of her team.

In the past year, Lyft was willingly hired by Tesla. This summer she took on the job of senior program Manager Autopilot Tesla Samira Qureshi (Qureshi Sameer) to help develop their own division Lyft to develop technologies for Autonomous driving.

Just two months before Lyft also hired John McNeil (Jon McNeill), President, sales and services of Tesla. MacNeil left Tesla to hold the post of chief operating officer in the company rental vehicles.