Russian RFID tags automatiseret accounting finewood

The holding company Ruselectronics, which is part of rostec Corporation, announced the successful testing of the domestic RFID tags designed for marking of wood of valuable breeds.

Application of RFID tags, as noted, will allow to automate the logging, tracking, transport, and sorting of wood and reduce illegal logging. We are talking about the marking of the three precious wood: oak, beech and ash.

In the course of testing, the tested RFID tags, high-strength, developed in JSC “EMC of Concern “VEGA” (part of the holding “Ruselectronics”) and PJSC “Micron” (included in JSC “RTI”). These products are able to withstand a constant load of 1.5 tons and a shock load up to 5 tons. Labels can be used in a wide temperature range — from minus 40 to plus 65 degrees Celsius.

“During testing, the label gave close to 100% results of identification of wood in the car truck and the car when reading fixed RFID portal at a distance up to 11 meters, and has passed the strength test method of impact”, — stated in the message “Roselektronika”.

It is expected that the implementation of RFID will help to reduce the illegal felling of trees of valuable species. Tested chips are a versatile solution for marking timber logging and monitoring at all stages. RFID tags allow to store and transmit data about wood in the Unified state automated information system (USAIS) “Accounting of wood and transactions with it”.