Russian cosmonauts in the next few months twice come out into the open space

In RSC Energia held a session of the Council of chief designers for the Russian segment of the International space station (ISS).

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It is reported that currently continue to take exams, the main and backup crews for the ISS-58/59. The crew consists of Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques and NASA astronaut Anne McClain. Backup crew — Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan. The launch of the “Soyuz MS-11” with the expedition ISS-58/59 scheduled for December 3, 2018.

At the meeting it was said that in the coming months, Russian cosmonauts twice come out into the open space. In particular, the first output will be held in December this year: the main task of Sergey Prokopyeva and Oleg Kononenko will be on the outer surface of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09”, the casing of which was found a hole. After assess the actual state of this unit will be decided on the completion of his work: tentatively it is planned that on December 20 the ship will return to Earth the crew of three people — Alexander Gerst (ESA), Serine Union-Chancellor (NASA) and Sergey Prokopyeva (Roscosmos).

A second output of Russian cosmonauts in open space is scheduled for spring: extra-vehicular activity will take Oleg Kononenko and Oleg skripochka.

It is noted that ISS enough resources to complete the ISS-57 and the execution of the ISS program-58, ground staff and flight control for landing of spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09” and the launch of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-11”.