Ford bought the company on hire of Segways Spin

Ford has acquired startup hire Segways without reference to the place of rental Spin. According reported this resource Axios, the amount of the transaction is $40 million To turn the resource argues citing an informed source that the acquisition of startup cost the automaker in the amount of close to $100 million One of the investors of a startup is the Fund Grishin Robotics Chairman of the Board of Directors Group Dmitry Grishin.

Spin currently offers scooter rentals in coral Gable (FL), Washington (D.C.), Charlotte and Durham (North Carolina), Lexington (ky), Denver (Colorado), Detroit, Michigan and long beach (CA). In addition, Spin has established five campuses.

Spin was one of three companies that initially launched their services for scooter rental in San Francisco back in March of this year. Along with Bird Lime and startup Spin was forced to stop the service here, while the city government has not decided on the permitting process. Because Spin has not received permission to work in the city, it cannot boast of much success. Next week the Spin plans to meet with representatives of the city administration of San Francisco to appeal the denial of permission for operation of electric scooters in the city.