The Chinese company BOE printed a 55-inch OLED screen

On passing in these days in China exhibition Global Innovation Partner Conference 2018 Chinese manufacturer displays the company BOE Technology Group revealed its first prototype OLED TV with 55-inch display, manufactured using inkjet printing. Previously, the company showed only a small 5.5-inch printed displays. The novelty with a diagonal of 140 cm was the proof that the BOE intends to revolutionize the production of large-format panels.

A prototype 55-inch OLED printed company BOE

Manufacturing method of OLED inkjet printing promises to reduce the cost of production and, ultimately, to make a TV with a huge OLED panels cheaper for consumers. The Chinese are going to seriously take up is the development direction of the television. In addition to BOE equipment to print large-format OLED sets also another Chinese company — China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT). For example, CSOT has already confirmed that 2021 will supply printed OLED panels for the 65 – and 75 inch OLED TVs.

Competition the Chinese are trying to make such display manufacturers as the South Korean LG and Japanese JOLED. For example, LG has dramatically changed the focus of its construction in China generation plant 8.5 G, reorienting it to produce OLED before the start of production in the second half of 2019. LG also intends to expand the production of OLED in 2019 at the generation plant of 10.5 G in South Korea. However, each of these productions will use traditional methods of processing glass substrates, and the use of production inkjet is not reported.

Serial 21,6 inch printed OLED company JOLED

The Japanese company JOLED, she decided on the technologies of production, and to issue “jet” OLED screens is upgrading one of its factories in Japan. But the Japanese lose to the Chinese even before the start. JOLED plant in Nomi (Ishikawa province) will refer to the generation of 5.5 G of the substrate which is optimal for cutting high on the 32-inch panel. Chinese printed OLED promises to achieve almost twice as large in size diagonally.