Automakers require the introduction of standards for industry self-driving cars

Automakers approved the essential standards for key equipment, large-scale broadband network 5G and strong partnerships to achieve success in the production of self-driving cars and electric vehicles, said the heads of leading European automobile companies.

REUTERS/Toby Melville

Ralph is Sung (Ralf Speth, pictured above), Executive Director of the UK’s largest carmaker Jaguar Land Rover, speaking in Berlin at a conference organized by the magazine Automobilwoche, spoke about the ambitious plans of the company, stressing that the sector needs develop a common and clear guidelines to protect information about the driver and confidentiality.

Government and industry should cooperate closely to ensure success in terms of market development, said Sung. He also called for the development of industry standards for charging stations and cables, communication systems for vehicles.

Another challenge for the automotive industry, according to Sung and other leaders of automotive companies is the need to increase production of batteries for electric vehicles.

Oliver Blum (Oliver Blume), Executive Director of Porsche by Volkswagen, said that the demand for batteries for electric vehicles in the coming years will be so great that it will not be able to meet current suppliers. “We certainly need to be streamlined and partnership,” said Blum.