In spite of a shortage of Intel processors, Acer’s profits set a record

In 2016, the Taiwanese Acer celebrated its 40th anniversary. By human standards, the computer company has already passed the period of his Prime, however, these laws have no power over the financial and industrial area. In its report for the THIRD quarter, the Corporation has reflected the results of successful activities. Acer has achieved revenue growth compared to last year’s figures in all regions. The greatest success the company’s products are used in Russia, USA and South-East Asia. It is not surprising that in September, Apple has opened the official Russian Internet-shop.

So, consolidated revenues increased by 7.8 % and reached 65,33 billion Taiwan dollars ($2,13 billion), while gross profit expressed the amount of $225 million, or 10.6 % of revenues. Operating profit reached $38.2 million and became the highest in the third quarter of the year for the last 8 years. Profit before tax amounted to $38.8 million, and then $29.8 million, equivalent per share equal to ¢1.

For the broader period from the beginning of the year to October, consolidated revenues increased by 3.1 % compared with the results of the same period a year earlier and reached 198,57 billion Taiwan dollars ($6.48 billion), while profit after tax rose by 42.5 % to $81.6 million or ¢2.7 per share.

If we take data only for the latest month, October showed a purely negative financial results. Consolidated profit fell to 19.96 billion Taiwan dollars ($651,8 million), i.e. by 12.9% compared with September and by 11.1 % compared to October 2017. Explains guide Acer, the negative end of October due mainly to a shortage of Intel processors and, as a result, a temporary decline in demand for computers. However, products and activities are not affected by this phenomenon, such as digital displays and Weblink, showed growth.

If you follow the latest innovations from Acer, you can easily see the creativity and original solutions. In the field of monitors can be called a Predator X27 4K, full HDR with multi-zone backlight frequency 98-144 Hz and frame synchronization NVIDIA G-Sync. Noteworthy professional gaming 4K monitor ProDesigner BM270 or much cheaper curved gaming displays XZ1 Series and XZ271Ubmijpphzx based on the VA-matrix with a resolution of 2560 × 1440, response time 1 MS, a frequency of 144 Hz and technology AMD FreeSync. And in a series of flat screens Nitro appeared similar to the characteristics of 4K model XV273K.

In the game the more eye products such Acer for enthusiasts, as desktop Predator X server with two Intel Xeon processors, or powerful convertible notebook Predator Triton 900 rotary 4K-monitor technology NVIDIA G-Sync. Don’t forget the manufacturer and on the growing market of virtual reality, presenting helmet OJO 500 original designs.

In addition to light ultrabooks like the Swift 5 and the thinnest in the world at the time of the announcement of the Swift 7, the company is involved in the promotion of the promising market chromebooks, presenting this year with fresh models, including a swivel screen.

At the same time Acer announced the introduction of 8 November, the position of another operating officer, the responsibilities of which include the provision of direct support to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director-Jason Chen (Jason Chen) in the field of corporate and strategic planning. This chair took Jerry Kao (Jerry Kao) — he will oversee the business of all the products, and continue to work as President for IT solutions, which takes the role from March 2016.

Tiffany Hwang (Tiffany Huang) will retain the position of President, corporate marketing, business planning and operating activities, which she has held since July of 2016, and will conduct oversight of corporate IT solutions and General issues as a second operating officer. The leaders of Gerii Kao and Tiffany Hwang — a longtime staff Acer, they joined the company in 1995 and 1988, respectively.