NVIDIA is planning to release a 7-nm GPU next year

Recently, AMD has introduced the world’s first graphics processor, made by advanced 7-nm process. NVIDIA yet has a similar GPU, but its production is included in her plans. As reported by the resource DigiTimes, NVIDIA already signed a contract for production of its future 7-nm graphics processors in 2019.

It is reported that next year the Taiwanese company TSMC will produce for 7-nm technology standards for several major clients. Among them mention Apple, Qualcomm, AMD and, in fact, NVIDIA.

For Apple company, TSMC now produces 7-nm single-chip platform (SoC) for smartphones and tablets. In turn, Qualcomm is planning to introduce 7-nanometer SoC just in the next year. AMD has TSMC has placed orders for the production of its new graphics processors and Central processors on the architecture of Zen 2. It’s worth noting that AMD will bring to market a 7-nm GPU before your competitor.

NVIDIA has been collaborating with TSMC, and current graphics processors, Turing, Pascal and Volta are produced in 12-, 14 – and 16-nm lines of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Unfortunately, any details about future 7-nm graphics processors NVIDIA yet, but a long wait for themselves, they not make. Still NVIDIA is not used to keep up with competitors in the introduction of advanced technological processes. From myself I can only assume that it is highly likely that NVIDIA, like AMD, first cycle 7-nm GPU in the composition of compute accelerators, and only then in the playing cards.

In the end we will note that according to the source, to the end of 2019, the company TSMC plans to double the number of different products that will be mass-produced for 7-nm process. Even Bitmain, the manufacturer of the ASIC for mining Bitcoin, start to offer products that are made for 7-nm process.