Affordable mortgage comes to an end

The data available to the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML), indicate that in the last few months, the rate of cash loans the population is steadily increasing. As of early November, according to experts, the growth of this segment of the economy relative to the beginning of the year in terms of percentage has averaged 45%. Only by the end of September with a population already concluded more than 700 thousand mortgages, 16% more than in the same period in 2016. Also showing growth and Continue reading “Affordable mortgage comes to an end”

Kevin spacey all. Trump next

For a couple of days the US President Donald trump has several times reminded about conspiracy theories, the investigation of which he contributed before the start of his campaign.

Trump again raised the issue with the authenticity of the birth certificate of Obama. According to the official version, Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. Trump made a public inquiry about the citizenship of Obama a few years ago and concluded that he was born in the United States.

The white house struggled Continue reading “Kevin spacey all. Trump next”

Familiar with Putin businessmen tend to stay away from him

Reuters: Russian businessmen, friends with Putin, is now trying to stay away from him

Major Russian businessmen, familiar with President Putin, is now trying to stay away from him. Because of concerns fall under new US sanctions, which are now being discussed in Washington. It is reported Reuters.

In the environment of the richest Russians there was an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. In this Reuters said the business and political circles. Media interviewed two dozen people. According to Continue reading “Familiar with Putin businessmen tend to stay away from him”

“Take us, Suomi-beauty!”

“November 30, 1939, six weeks after the joint with Hitler’s attack on Poland, the Soviet Union attacked Finland. This day remember the barbaric bombing of Helsinki. At 14.30, in the middle of the day, going from Estonia, 3rd squadron of the 1st mine-torpedo aviation regiment under the command of major N.. Tokarev brought hundreds of high-explosive bombs on the center of a peaceful, unsuspecting town, killing 200 people, injuring hundreds more and destroying dozens of buildings,” writes Continue reading ““Take us, Suomi-beauty!””

Pavel Dorokhin: Russia’s economy sinks to the level of a third world country

For the fourth consecutive year in Russia falling incomes. But people don’t give up: looking for a part-time job, trying to stay afloat in a stagnating economy. The government, according to Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party, Deputy of the state Duma Pavel Dorokhin, citizens does not help, constantly generating a highly controversial initiative.

On the background of the powerless of the Cabinet, showing a complete inability to cope with economic problems, can not help Continue reading “Pavel Dorokhin: Russia’s economy sinks to the level of a third world country”

Secret aspects of addictions Weinstein and his whistleblowers

From 5 October the main topic of discussion in the United States is sexual harassment suffered on the part of producer Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood actress. The first edition, which this was written, became the newspaper “new York times” – one of the mouthpieces of the democratic party. Such a strike from it nobody expected.

The number one question – why the attack on Hollywood, the citadel of the Democrats, caused themselves Democrats?

Try to understand. It is clear that in America Continue reading “Secret aspects of addictions Weinstein and his whistleblowers”

Putin will take part in the final draw of world Cup

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will take part in the draw for the final tournament of the world championship on football of 2018 in Russia, which will take place on 1 December at the State Kremlin Palace.

“The event at the State Kremlin Palace, invited more than 1,300 guests, including 30 of the 32 head coaches of the teams participating in the world Cup. The results of the draw will be known compositions of each group and the schedule of matches (48 matches)”, – stated in the Continue reading “Putin will take part in the final draw of world Cup”

On the buildings of the interior Ministry in the LC have Russian flags

On Wednesday the number of administrative buildings in Luhansk were Russian flags, which now complement the flags of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic.

Acting head of the Republic Leonid beekeeper showed no public activity since the confirmation of his nomination by the people’s Council. Ministers appointed resigned “for health reasons” Igor Plotnitsky, are in a state of uncertainty, as the official statements and orders made at them was not.

Also, the Continue reading “On the buildings of the interior Ministry in the LC have Russian flags”

Bkav demonstrated the process of hacking system, Face ID in iPhone X

Sudden world famous Vietnamese firm Bkav obliged to release the iPhone X. the Employees of the company, specializing in the topics of cybersecurity and the protection of digital data, tested system of facial identification of the user by Face ID and surprised the international community with the results of the experiment. Bkav managed to outwit Face ID, forced to take elaborate mask over the face of the user and thus obtain access to the iPhone X.

However, in such a simple Continue reading “Bkav demonstrated the process of hacking system, Face ID in iPhone X”