Brylska mercilessly humiliated after tumor removal

The next episode is “live” on the channel “Russia-1” turned a terrible scandal. The actors of the cult film “Irony of Fate or With light steam!” began to sort things out in the Studio.

It all started with a statement by Victoria Talyzina – the actress, who played in the legendary tape one of the girlfriends of the main character and a voiced main character Nadia. She stated that Barbara Brylska, who played the role of a teacher of Russian language unfairly reaping the laurels of others. Continue reading “Brylska mercilessly humiliated after tumor removal”

New year’s hangover: how to deal with it

The New year in different ways – someone skiing, someone in the cottages and country houses, and someone in front of the TV. But perhaps all this evening brings together any holiday table and become a fixture of joy alcohol. Scientists have vigorously studied the national and medical ways of curing a hangover.

Just need to decide what scientists did not consider hangover in the form of a withdrawal syndrome, which occurs when a person has formed an addiction. And every libation requires more Continue reading “New year’s hangover: how to deal with it”

40 minutes of walking reduces the risk of development of myopia in children

Myopia occurs increasingly in children in our country and around the world, according to the portal VADIMBONDAR.RU Ophthalmologists are looking for ways to change the situation. A new study conducted in China, which was recently published, which supports the theory that time spent outdoors can contribute to slowing of myopia.
A study published in the journal of the American Medical Association, found that 40 percent of children who walked little, had developed myopia. In another group, where the children walked on the street for 40 minutes more, myopia developed only 30% . Those children who spent more time outdoors had less myopia.

According to the findings of the study:

Among 6 year old children in Guangzhou, plus 40 minutes of walking, reduce the risk of myopia in the next 3 years compared to a group of children which does not have these forty minutes . Further study of this phenomenon, to develop specific recommendations.
In the group were only those children who had myopia in the beginning, and at the beginning of myopia meant refraction in spherical equivalent of -0.5. Continue reading “40 minutes of walking reduces the risk of development of myopia in children”

Putin wished Russia peace and prosperity

Solidarity, friendship, unselfish love for Russia, multiply the strength for great achievements, the President said in his new year speech. Peace and prosperity of the great Russia, his beloved and only wished the head of state. The speech was broadcast live on the Eastern time zone of the country.

The new year is primarily a family holiday, Vladimir Putin. “We celebrate it, as it was in childhood with gifts and surprises, with great warmth, with the expectation of important changes, he Continue reading “Putin wished Russia peace and prosperity”

Navalny will appeal against the decision of the Supreme court about the refusal to register him as a presidential candidate

The decision of the Supreme court, which yesterday upheld the CEC decision on non-admission of opposition politician Alexei Navalny on elections of the President of the Russian Federation, will be appealed in the European court of human rights, said “Echo of Moscow” , doctor of legal Sciences Lukyanova Elena.

Navalny wrote in his Twitter that he has concerning the decision of the armed forces have three comments. Omitting the first, with obscene value, the last two are as follows: “2. Continue reading “Navalny will appeal against the decision of the Supreme court about the refusal to register him as a presidential candidate”

Experts estimate the number of earthlings by 2018

The world population on January 1 will amount to 7 billion 444 million 443 thousand 881 people. This forecast was made by experts of the American Agency Bureau of the Census.

According to preliminary data, the number of inhabitants of the planet will increase for the current year at 1.08% (78.5 million).

At the census Bureau, the United States expects that in January of next year every second the light will appear more than four children, and die 1.8.

At the beginning of XI century on Continue reading “Experts estimate the number of earthlings by 2018”

Durov blocked the Iranian protest channel in the Telegram after the request of the Minister

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov announced about blocking the Iranian protest channel with over a million subscribers after the request of the Minister. The protests in Iran are becoming more extensive, the day before clashes with police turned the victims. In some cities, protesters tried to occupy administrative buildings, tore down posters of Ayatollah Khamenei – Supreme leader of Iran since 1989.

Telegram – one of the most popular means of communication and dissemination of information in Iran, which blocked many of the social network. Durov announced on his Twitter Continue reading “Durov blocked the Iranian protest channel in the Telegram after the request of the Minister”

In the Krasnodar territory visitors cafe was shot from a machine

In the Krasnodar territory visitors cafe was shot from a machine. In the village of Ladoga were killed three people. The district introduced a plan “Siren”, the suspects in the brutal massacre of the men detained, reports “Кубань24”.

The incident occurred in the cafe “Spark” at around 2 a.m. Sunday. Record from the surveillance camera was published by the channel “Tin Krasnodar Krai” in the Telegram (18+). The video in half-empty cafes are two men, one of them with a gun. He opens fire on the visitors at the counter and then goes into the premises. We hear the cries of a couple of visitors could escape.

Upon arrival, police found the bodies of three men with gunshot wounds. The identity of the dead set. On the territory of Ust-Labinsk district introduced a plan “Siren”. The suspects sent to the entire staff of the Ust-Labinsk cops and exterior outfits of other regions of Kuban, reported in a press-service GU MVD in Krasnodar Krai.

On the territory of korenovsky district traffic police stopped the suspect vehicle and detained the 34 – and 32-year-old men in the cabin. They were the signs similar to a Bolo. The suspects were taken to the police Department in Ust-Labinsk district. With the assistance of the staff of the SOBR Regardie found and seized the weapon from which allegedly shots were fired.

Senior assistant Director of SU IC RF for the Krasnodar territory Natalia Smazka said “Кубани24” on excitation of criminal case under article about the murder.

“Interfax” Continue reading “In the Krasnodar territory visitors cafe was shot from a machine”

Husband Of Santa. The true story of Mr. and Mr. Claus

In the United States published a children’s book about gay marriage, Santa Claus.

The writer, Daniel Kibblesmith presented the non-traditional look for Christmas miracles..

“The Husband Of Santa. The true story of Mr. and Mr. Claus” is a children’s publishing, will go on sale this fall in the U.S. and Canada. The content is fully consistent with the header: similar to the American Santa Claus is married to his colleague. Moreover, in accordance with the canons of tolerance, marriage is Continue reading “Husband Of Santa. The true story of Mr. and Mr. Claus”

New “thief-in-law No. 1” came to the throne

The clan “kingpin No. 1” Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro young) there was a temporary successor. They became Vasily Khristoforov (Bob Rose), who recently started collecting funds in the “common Fund”. However, if he is acting “boss of all bosses” or his role will be narrowed down solely to the “head cashier” clan Shakro, it is not entirely clear.

Recently in the headquarters of the “thief in law No. 1” has a new owner. As predicted by “Rosbalt”, it was “lawyer” Vasily Khristoforov. That he now Continue reading “New “thief-in-law No. 1” came to the throne”