Russia has lost all its Reserve Fund

1 Feb the Reserve Fund of Russia officially ceased to exist. Now additional oil and gas incomes of the budget the Finance Ministry will send to the national welfare Fund [SWF]. From there, by the way, will be taken the money to Finance the budget deficit in case of a fall in oil prices.

In fact, according to Life, the Reserve Fund has suspended work a month ago. At the end of 2017, the Ministry of Finance has spent the last trillion rubles from this Fund and the balances in these accounts Continue reading “Russia has lost all its Reserve Fund”

Opened in China is the third largest station in the world for electric vehicle charging, Tesla

Three of the three largest Supercharger Tesla 50 electric car located in China, indicating the seriousness of China to switch to renewable energy faster than other countries.

The Tesla Supercharger is a charging terminal for electric car company Tesla, Elon musk, a network which is growing with rapid speed. 2017 last year was a record for the number of input of charging stations for electric vehicles. No less impressive are the plans of the leadership of Tesla in the upcoming 2018. This Continue reading “Opened in China is the third largest station in the world for electric vehicle charging, Tesla”

Shame on you, gentlemen intellectuals

A beautiful illustration of the words of Lenin about the intellectuals, who imagine themselves the brains of the nation, we saw performed by Nikolai Svanidze and Maxim Shevchenko. It would seem that there were two well-educated man, not otherwise, as I consider myself to color the nation to discuss the historical issue dedicated to Stalin. But it turned out as by the “Inspector” Gogol, “Alexander the great hero, but why break chairs”. Okay, without injury, until, after about a week can still be Continue reading “Shame on you, gentlemen intellectuals”

Allow the promotion of cryptocurrency in social networks Facebook and Instagram

Social networks Facebook and Instagram announced a ban on the advertising of crypto-currencies on their websites on the Internet.

This was reported by the press center of the company Facebook. Parallel to the advertising of such procedures as attracting investment through placement of cryptocurrencies (ICO).

First, the ban applies to advertising main cryptocurrency bitcoin. The company believes that advertisers impose on users of social networks is misleading. People fraudulently lured Continue reading “Allow the promotion of cryptocurrency in social networks Facebook and Instagram”

New Katjes is provoked scandal on the network

Manufacturer of sweets Katjes began to promote their products with a new advertising campaign under the slogan “Achte mal drauf!”that was supposed to draw the attention of consumers to a vegetarian marmalade. However, the idea had a quite different effect, netizens were divided in their opinions.

The fact that the model that has starred in commercials, was wearing a scarf. This fact has attracted the attention of the users. And if one was okay with it, others called is humiliating, and the Continue reading “New Katjes is provoked scandal on the network”

Eclipse of the blue moon in new York

This morning, 31 January, new Yorkers observed the unique celestial event —the Eclipse of a blue moon, and even coincided with the supermoon. This coincidence is due not only to the unusual large size of the companion of the Earth, but its reddish tone: blue Moon was still bloody.

Luna walked into the outer part of the shadow of the Earth in 5.51, and full shade reached 6.48 local time. Unfortunately, after 16 minutes the Moon is down, and fully to enjoy its blackout, new Yorkers failed. Continue reading “Eclipse of the blue moon in new York”