Russia will conclude in 2018, the new agreement with CERN

Last Saturday, the media has reported that Russia has withdrawn a request for membership in the European organization for nuclear research (CERN).

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

As explained by the correspondent of TASS in the press service of the Ministry of education, review the application process for associate membership is that in 2018 a new agreement was signed with CERN, “which will record Russia’s participation in the second phase of construction of the large hadron Collider Continue reading “Russia will conclude in 2018, the new agreement with CERN”

The family of a Kingston SSD A400 with a new model for 960 GB

Series SSD Kingston A400 is very popular among those wishing to purchase a SSD with a limited budget. Until recently, part of a family of A400 proposed three models form factor 2.5-inch/7mm — capacities: 120 GB (SA400S37/120G), 240 GB (SA400S37/240G) and 480 GB (SA400S37/480G). A year after their appearance on the market of the U.S. the manufacturer has decided to extend the range, firing A400 volume SSD 960 GB (SA400S37/960G). This event was not awarded a separate announcement, because today Continue reading “The family of a Kingston SSD A400 with a new model for 960 GB”

It Skripal-crisis

– The murder of a former member of the Russian Skripal in London with nerve poison “Newcomer” (similar to what was poisoned businessman Ivan Kivelidi in 1995), the least profitable Putintsev. It is meaningless for them: Skripal was quietly removed before 2010.
There is a clear intervention of a third (apparently a private from the Russian Federation) forces. To spark Western sanctions against the Kremlin. A “Newbie” – obviously from the stock of the 90s, when Russia sold everything. That is, Continue reading “It Skripal-crisis”

Merkel for the fourth time became Chancellor of Germany

The Bundestag is the fourth time in a row elected Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany. The majority of Bundestag members supported it, so the vote was technical.

“Angela Merkel got the necessary majority, she was elected Chancellor,” said the head of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schaeuble.

The results of the secret ballot were met by deputies long and prolonged applause. The honorary podium in the Bundestag are her husband Joachim Sauer and 89-year-old mother Merkel Herlind Kasner. Continue reading “Merkel for the fourth time became Chancellor of Germany”

Sony is designing a new device with a screen E Ink

For certification to the Federal communications Commission (FCC) received a new Sony a series Digital Paper display based on e-paper E Ink.

Now Sony offers gadget premium Digital Paper with the designation DPT-RP1 (illustrations). This device is equipped with a 13.3-inch E Ink screen with the ability to draw with a special pen. The panel has a resolution of 1650 × 2200 pixels and displays 16 shades of gray. The amount of internal flash memory is 16 GB. Is the gadget for approximately $ 700.

New Sony Digital Paper included in the documentation of the FCC under the designation DPT-CP1. It definitely indicates the relationship with the current model DPT-RP1. Although the display characteristics of the gadget are not disclosed, we can assume that he maintains control with the pen.

It is noted that the novelty has on-Board wireless adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth as well as NFC module. The power supply meets the battery capacity of 2080 mAh. Announcement is expected soon.

We add that the Digital Paper is aimed primarily at business people, lawyers and University researchers who are looking for opportunities to reduce the use of traditional paper.


Continue reading “Sony is designing a new device with a screen E Ink”

Президента18 March elections will be illegitimate. Alas

Verbal slander is not the place.

Quieter speakers! Your word, comrade Mauser.

Vladimir Mayakovsky

You still do not understand why the elections on March 18 are illegitimate? Then I’ll try to explain the rough language of poster. Verbal slander is not the place.

1. Because they are held by the CEC, which is not in the Constitution. She was given this “permanent” monster with a huge punitive-repressive powers of the right to conduct presidential and parliamentary elections. So all Continue reading “Президента18 March elections will be illegitimate. Alas”

Samsung Galaxy S9+ parsed “on the screws”

Craftsmen iFixit has studied the anatomy of the flagship smartphone Samsung device Galaxy S9+, which in Russia is offered at an estimated price of 67 thousand rubles.

Recall that the Galaxy S9+ with S9 sibling Galaxy debuted late last month. The device comes with a 6.2-inch display Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2960 × 1440 pixels.

In the rear part is fitted with dual camera. Its configuration includes a 12-megapixel sensor, dual optical stabilization, lens with adjustable Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S9+ parsed “on the screws””

Apple will protect the keyboard from dirt and crumbs

The office of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) published a patent application Apple on a number of specialized solutions designed to protect the keyboard from dirt and crumbs.

“Apple” the Empire uses in their portable computers buttons with butterfly mechanism. “The keyboard is noticeably thinner, noticeably more accurate and easier to use. Your fingers feel in his place. When you press a key, it without any delay goes up and down,” says Apple.

But the problem is that Continue reading “Apple will protect the keyboard from dirt and crumbs”

“For five months the soldiers of PMC Wagner earned two million rubles”

In the Sverdlovsk region for each other buried soldiers PMC Wagnerkilled in Syria February 7, 2018 in an airstrike of U.S. troops. About what are private military companies and how the state should relate to “private military” in an interview with the Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Fund special forces veterans Vladimir Efimov, who led in 2014-2015 by sending volunteers to the Donbass. Part of his famous “the Ural company of the special troopsnow fighting in Syria.

— On March 14 Continue reading ““For five months the soldiers of PMC Wagner earned two million rubles””