What does the mysterious symbolism around Putin

Not long ago, users on the network attracted done with the help of photoshop “Royal uniform”, who is dressed Putin: epaulettes with missiles, the tape with the image of Russian su-27.

These and other details can be found on the famous provocative cover of the magazine “the Economist”

Here on this cover it.

So, look and understand what hints we give.

On his right shoulder — the Kremlin wall, as a symbol of the power vertical. And, of course, the army.

On the left is the shoulder of the economy. Why on the left? Because the manual is not right and is the mafia that has usurped the financial system.

Also shown are tubing as the main in the Russian economy. And the ruble is no longer with the emblem of the Central Bank, with the Russian coat of arms.

Putin with a fishing rod — a reference to Alexander III and the famous phrase “While the Russian Tsar fishes, Europe can wait.”

Chain ( aiguillettes) — the willingness of a slave in the galleys to go to the end. It ends at the base of the collar a red star

On one of the chain — lock with MIC ( symbolizing the media, as an important link in the policy)

But the most interesting thing here, a huge red star. Overall, the red star — the symbol of the revolution,which advanced by Trotsky. ( and we know that Trotsky was in the Masonic Lodge). Red star — the star of the God of war. The star symbol was in the Templars and the Kabbalists of, and Solomon the great.

The star always has a mystical significance. And similar signs are not just for beauty, they carry a certain sense of the sacred that we are always trying to convey the Economist magazine.

Does the presence of the red star — the fact of Putin’s “red project” or a reference to the Soviet Union? Everything becomes even more curious when we remember those who have installed such symbols. Has created this a symbol of Stalin. The star was not a red, but was located in the same place and was fraught with different meaning than the star of the Trotsky, for example.

Another interesting point is the rewards.

Take a look. One of the “medals” are the eyes of the beholder. It hangs on the tricolor, the colors which also symbolizes different belonging to the lodges for some materials. Ie see Putin as looking after country. Perhaps he was assigned some tasks that as a Manager, he performed.

The following “medal” hammer and sickle, and a new 50 ruble bill means restoration of the national economy. A reference to the fact, as it was in the Soviet Union.

Then, “medal”, on which hangs a Troll, reminiscent of trump.Apparently, this designation suggests that Putin is credited with influence on the policy of the United States that is undermining the hegemony of the United States.

After hanging a “medal” shaped Peninsula of Crimea + 100 ruble notes. Perhaps Crimea is designed some special role in the economy or it means that the economy of the Peninsula has not yet reached the new level.

You should pay attention to the HASP with the lock. And bars. I think the question here is how Putin locked up the opposition, blocked, possible coups and so on.

More curiosity causes a blue ribbon. She attended all the emperors up to 1917. This is the order of St. Andrew. About whose in fact is the order is a lot to read on the Internet.

It is curious, incidentally, that this order was established 25 days before the appointment of Putin to head the FSB.

Not so long ago, the Chinese leader received the tape from the hands of Putin.

“And the liberal reformers and conservative traditionalists in Moscow to talk about Putin as a king of the XXI century”, — said in an editorial. “Mr. Putin got this title due to the fact that he was able to lead his country out of what many Russians believe the chaos of the 1990s, as well as ensuring that it is counted again in the world,” the authors write.

But, it seemed that Putin can’t be king, because by the rules the king — the anointed of God. And here is an interesting fact that Putin went to Athos, where he was greeted as a particularly important visitor, and rumor, and blessed the icon, and in that year changed the eagle on the ruble.

There are many other such coincidences. Also very telling title of issue — “King born”. Moreover, it is not happening for the first time.

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