New year’s feast: “Olivier” inflation will eat

The Russians will have to reconsider the Christmas menu. On the table is risking not to get the traditional “Olivier” for the year rose salad. The herring “under a fur coat” the chances are higher. The Central Bank warns that in 2018, inflation may accelerate to 4%.

The head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, speaking on Wednesday before deputies of the state Duma has told about the forthcoming growth of prices for two new year’s indexes.

The bad news – ingredients for salad Continue reading “New year’s feast: “Olivier” inflation will eat”

Julia L.: What unites Nagiyev, Sobchak, Posner and Tinkoff?

A top expert on personal branding called for “Festejar” and said “Russian Planet”, as competently and profitably for businesses to change your name to a famous brand

Publicity in business and not just a meaningless burden to assert themselves or… tool for the development of themselves and their business?

Founder of the Agency and online Academy Brandme Julia L. insists on a third option. Recognition is a tool, not an end in itself. It helps the entrepreneur to open new opportunities for Continue reading “Julia L.: What unites Nagiyev, Sobchak, Posner and Tinkoff?”

The Caliphate retreats

What awaits Syria after the liberation of Deir-ez-Zor from terrorists

General staff of the Armed forces of Syria confirmed recent media reports about the complete liberation of Deir ez-Zor (420 kilometers from Damascus) of DAISH (ISIS — an organization banned in Russia). The Agency notes that this strategic success of the army, which allow us to reliably associate the East with the Northern and Central areas.

“After a series of precise operations of the Syrian army, supported by allied Continue reading “The Caliphate retreats”

The war continues

How to develop the Russian operation in Syria in the near future

After the liberation of the last stronghold DAISH (ISIS — banned in Russia)) Abu Kamal, the Syrian army continues its offensive along the Western Bank of the Euphrates river. Under the leadership of the Russian military advisers, the operation was conducted by units of General Hassan Suhela. The Syrian troops liberated from terrorists the town of El-Region.

According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, in the Continue reading “The war continues”

Central Bank – main creation and the crown of the bourgeois revolution

I will allow myself to disagree with the history books, claiming that the main initiators, organizers and beneficiaries of the bourgeois revolutions were artisans, merchants and farmers. No, these were primarily moneylenders. They were closely in his “underground” as in the Christian world there were severe restrictions and even bans on giving money and other property at interest.

The main direct result of the bourgeois revolution is usually called the elimination or limitation of the Continue reading “Central Bank – main creation and the crown of the bourgeois revolution”

Tradesman with billions

And while “know” will inevitably lose the current cold war with the West

Who win then? It is enough to study the psychological profile of a leader “enforcement wing” of Putin’s henchmen as the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. Recent events have highlighted the quality of the subject like circus spotlights – clown in the arena. And from different sides.

Look at Sechin as a businessman: the head of the semi-state “Rosneft”. The results of his activities? Debt pit for the company. In 2011, Continue reading “Tradesman with billions”

Lugansk controlled by the cornet and “polite people” from Donetsk.

Unpopular in LC Carpenter has no leverage over them fired the interior Minister.

The conflict between the head of the LC Igor Plotnitsky and his decree dismissed the head of the Republican interior Ministry Igor Cornet continues. Lugansk is in fact in a situation of dual power. Occurred November 21, messages in the media about what might happen the merger of the two republics in one, hanging in the air. It became known yesterday on the floor of the Central streets of Lugansk armed men with white armbands on their hands and masks on their faces. Today it is already known that among them are the security forces of the DNI, came to support the Luhansk colleagues. However, divergent data on the number of “Donetsk”. Some of the war correspondents reported from the scene of the hundreds of “polite people” of the NPT, but according to messages of inhabitants of Lugansk, they are much smaller.

How did you find “Free press”, many residents of the unrecognized Republic does not mind living in one with the Donetsk state. However, in this case, perhaps just saying: eat something he will eat, Yes who will give him. Since forced displacement Carpenter and the Union republics casts doubt on the already “battered” Minsk format.

However, on 22 November an appeal of employees of the detachment of the Luhansk people’s militia “Bryanka” to the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic Zakharchenko Continue reading “Lugansk controlled by the cornet and “polite people” from Donetsk.”

The accelerator ELSA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB S. A. C R2-valued at $730

ELSA company released a graphics accelerator GeForce GTX 1080 8GB S. A. C R2 for powerful gaming computers and virtual reality systems.

The card uses a 16-nanometer chip NVIDIA GP104 architecture Pascal. This decision has 2560 stream processors, 160 texture units and 64 blocks of raster operations. The accelerator is endowed with 8 GB memory GDDR5X with a 256-bit bus.

Basic core frequency of the chip is equal to 1607 MHz, forced — 1733 MHz. Effective memory frequency is 10.000 MHz. Continue reading “The accelerator ELSA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB S. A. C R2-valued at $730”

The end of patience: why between Kiev and Minsk broke the spy scandal

The scandal between Minsk and Kyiv is gaining momentum. On the eve of the Belarus state TV channel ONT showed footage of the interrogation of a Ukrainian journalist Paul Sharoika. 25 October 2017, he was detained by law enforcement authorities on suspicion of espionage in favor of Ukraine. Against Sharoika in Belarus initiated a criminal case under article of article 358 of the criminal code of the Republic of Belarus (“Espionage”), the detainee during the interrogation admitted his guilt. Continue reading “The end of patience: why between Kiev and Minsk broke the spy scandal”

The Italian “gift” to the Kiev junta.

History is sometimes full of acerbic surprises. 21 November 2017, the Kiev regime celebrates the third anniversary of the neo-Nazi government “European integration” of the coup. Exactly 71 years ago, on 20 November 1946, started the world-famous Nuremberg Tribunal, the defendants were ideological predecessors of the current Kiev regime.

The memory of the Nuremberg events occur is not accidental. Literally on the eve of the anniversary of the “Parade of pots” on the independence of Continue reading “The Italian “gift” to the Kiev junta.”